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                                                                                                                               Since I was very young I always loved to create.   I never imagined that my love of art would  become so consuming.     I did not attend an art school.  I just sat down and started to work  and study at this until my artistic abilities expanded into sculpture, painting, design, and sketching.   Being self taught, there are new discoveries every time I make something.  Painting is my favorite though.  When it is time to paint it is time to paint!  No matter the hour.  My family puts up with my late hours locked in my studio.  Good thing for me.

 I live with my wife and son on our family's farm in the historic Catawba Valley of Virginia.  Our home and my studio is in an 18th century log house that I moved and reconstructed on the property.  My surroundings have a great impact on my creativity.   I am fortunate to walk out my door and find a wealth of subjects to paint.

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