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People shopping on the Roanoke City Market.
This originial oil painting is for sale and prints are available.
Smoking a Cuban
This is a cool guy I could not wait to paint.  He is painted on a 30 x 36 canvas.  This painting is for sale and prints are available.
Bill's Grill
I am a true lover of the Weber grill.  This is a typical scene at my friend Bill's house on his back porch.
Chris's Dream
Alll my friends want a vintage red Weber grill.  So I answered back from the painting of Bill's Grill with this.  A rare smoking red Weber.
Virginia Barn
One of tha many barns in the area near my home.
Valley View
This is a scene near my home in rural Virginia.  I painted it in the afternoon.
Funky Wine Glass
This is a neat little impressionistic painting with great colors
Blue Wine Bottle Still Life
Another funky impressionistic still life. 
Virginia Dairy Barn In Latge Evening.
I get great colors and shadows in late summer fall where I live.  This dairy barn is near my home.
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David Sandoval
Latin Jazz Musician
I painted this of a good friend of mine from a photograph by 
Michele Evans
Dr Pepper sign Roanoke Virginia
One of many great signs in Roanoke.  
Mc Donalds Mill
Catawba Virginia
This is a great old grist mill near my home.